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New Generation Mouse Mats for Promotional gifting
What does one normally say about a mouse pad? Some may say it is just a flat surface that your mouse rolls over. Some others may say it is just for the convenience and comfort of the user. Well, think again. Usually, the surface of the mouse pads makes a big difference to how well and accurately your mouse functions. when the mouse was introduced for the first time, a little ball was used to find out where the mouse's pointer was directed at and it was very inaccurate in its over-all efficiency. For such mise, just about any surface could be used as a place to use them as the low technology design of the wheel was in use. However, the technology of the mouse has grown rapidly in its design, the need for surfaces that are not only compact enough in its ability to have the mouse's DPI (Dots Per Inch) reported accurately, but smooth and responsive as well have increased too. With the advent of the optical and the laser mise, the design of the mouse pads have seen drastic change.
Multi Utility Qualities
Originally, mouse pads were available in a simple rectangular shape. In recent years, though, they have been available in many shapes and designs matching every need and suiting every mouse for smooth and effective functioning the varieties in mouse pads are many and one amongst them are the soft-top pads, which are convertional. Also available are the leather pads, which are durable, sophisticated, and elegant. The memory foam mouse pads comprises of the spaceage technology, which cradles your wrist in comfort while giving ergonomic wrist support. Then there are the hardtop mouse pads, which have supreme durability. Optical mouse pads are the ones designed for optical mice, laser mice, and trackball mice. The optical mouse pad has a comfortable and pleasant feel and the top surface of the optical mouse pads fully optimizes the optical mouse's infrared beam detection and delivers absolute precision even in medium quality optical mice.
The thin mouse pads are lightweight super-slim and offer high quality colour images. The 3D lenticular mouse pads offer the ultimate mouse pad experience. These mouse pads are given special effects like depth, motion, morphing, and multi-image. The ergonomic mouse pads are the most likeable and user friendly pads as these minimize stress.
"Mouse Pads these days are not only clever promotional products but have also become unique corporate gifts due to the exclusivity, low cost and accessibility that they provide. Moreover, the New generation mouse surface & multipurpose pads like photo frame mouse pads, planner mouse pads, calculator mouse pads etc., have captured the frenzy of the young generation and has thus given rise to competition among'st manufacturers to provide new dimensions to htis new promotional product."
Rajeev Sonthalia
CEO, BetterdealsTM
Source : Gifts & Accessories Magzine
Issue : Jan - 2008
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