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One company approached us for their website promotion, with our products.
Solution : We asked them to courier a light weight Mouse pad, with the website name advertised on it, to every person logging in with their address &  details .This turned out to be a super success for
A company approached us for low cost distribution item in exhibition because the exhibition visitors are not purely business visitors & there are a lot of general visitors also. The item had to be really low cost & general in nature.
Solution : We suggested to them a set of two tea coasters, & they were quite amazed with the response & mileage they could derive from its distribution, they have asked us not to put their name here but their orders run into lakhs of pieces per annum.
A company came to us with one single focus that they wanted their telephone number advertised & accessible, when actually needed/required by their customers.
Solution : We suggested them Magnetic fridge stickers with their telephone number on it. Today Pest Control India LTD., has it as part of their AMC kit… i.e., if you take AMC for their services they send you a Magnetic fridge sticker. They say it’s the best way to remain accessible, to their valued clients.
4. Airtel / Traveljini
A company wanted something for mass distribution but personalized …….It was very confusing …..until we offered them our photo frame mouse pads.
Solution : The ream/border has the company information, but the center can be inserted with any picture, Note ,calendar to make it personalized. We repeated the same concept, with so many clients.
Lot of companies over last few years has approached us with a typical issue. They have not seen their free gift being used at their clients place.
Solution : We suggested them for planners & calendars printed on mouse pads. Though after one full year the life gets over, but for the full year you can ensure that   the client used the pad for its calendar value.
Express Pesticide has been doing calendar pads for last 7 years as part of gifting every year. They ensure best quality with calendar utility for their clients.
Lot of PC manufacturers give pads free with new PCS / AMCS / Software etc. We have a long list of them, as we started there. But a few are – PCS, Allied Digital, Omnitech.
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